So, in the time that I have not posted, I have: cut my hair, given blood, gone to Prom, been grounded, and celebrated Easter with my family. 

Pictures, anyone?

I bought the Second Season of House with the birthday money from my Grandparents.

I got a hair cut.

I also gave blood. [Those were my wounds on top. They had to prick your finger in the first one, in case you were wondering.]

Went to Prom in a Limo. 

[Groundation Period]

This was my Easter basket. That blue egg in the middle turned out to be the best part.

This was after my brother opened his egg.

And then there's me.

I dominated in the Egg Coloring Contest.

Happy Easter!


Melany said...

Wow, your eggs are wicked detailed.

How did you do that?

Kaitlyn! said...

Um... I used Crayola crayons?

Haha. Thank you though! :-)

Marvelous Maggie said...

Melany, it's an egg. They're not hard to color on, haha. Those are really cool though. I like Spongebob.

How much money was in that egg?! IT LOOKS EXCITING.

Mary K said...

OMG! HOUSE?! oh im jealous! if you ever want anyone to watch it withh....call meee:) haha

ashlee said...


Those eggs are seriously adorable. Like, I love them all.