For my dear friend Melany.

I want to tell you the story on how I came to get to know Melany. 

I moved to Albany in seventh grade. I don't remember how this came about but KaCee and I would walk around the neighborhood with her dog, Princess. She was supposed to by walking her dog but ended up carrying it most of the time... Anyways, one evening we were just strolling around and she was pointing out who lived in what houses. We approached this yellow house at the end of the road and she tells me that it is Melany's. That's cool, you know. Another kid in my grade just lives down the street. We are getting closer and we notice Melany and her sister in the backyard so we start walking over to do a little chatting with them. Little did we know what we were going to walk into though. The conversation went something like this:

KaCee: Hey Melany! What's up?
Melany: (Under her breath) Crap...
(To us) My dogs are... well... stuck.
Me to KaCee: Does she mean by their collars or something?
KaCee: I think maybe... Oh!
Me: What?
KaCee: They're stuck.
Me: That's what she said...
KaCee: No... Like they are STUCK!
Me: Oh my gosh!

(At this point we're to their gate looking in, and Melany and her sister are tugging trying to get the dogs apart. They were trying everything, hot water, cold water, and abuse, but he just didn't want to let go of his little lover apparently. But soon it is over, and we're sitting in her front yard.)

Melany: His... uh... thing is still out... 
KaCee: EW! He needs to put that thing back in!
Melany: Does it go back in? I'm calling Dad...
(She uses this period to talk to her father.)
He said that it will take awhile to go back in...

To this day, this story is remembered as "Two Dogs." 
You have to remember though too, that I didn't know her then. And after I witnessed this, well, I was a little confused on what went on at their household on a daily basis. Nothing like that had ever been introduced to me. So, thank you Melany for that wonderful first impression! And I'm glad to say that all of the adventures that we've had, have never been like that ever again. 



Melany said...


I looked really gross in that first picture... just saying.

Marvelous Maggie said...


Write a blog about me now! I don't know what about, but make it funny! But don't make fun of me because that's MEAN like Melany. And you don't want to be like that.

"That was a really dumb thing to do."

I still love you, Melany. It's okay.

And I love you too, Husmann!