It's Fun to be Seventeen!

I love my camera. I love my camera. I love my Nikon D60 camera!

Those are the wonderful parents who gave this awesome camera to me.

This is when he was getting shy as I kept taking his picture.

And this is when I was playing with the focus.


Study, Study, Study

Looks like I will be hitting the books tonight until the rest of my life. I have three tests tomorrow. All of which I don't know all that much about it. There's the Pre-Calculus Test that I skipped to day. I totally just weaseled my way out of that one. I was there for the first period and then left early for my orthodontist appointment. Then there is the U.S. History test, and last the Dual Credit Chemistry test... I don't know where that study guide is... 

On the bright side, I'm going to try and talk my mom into ordering me that camera today for my birthday. :-) 

I still can't believe that two of my best friends don't even remember when it is. Thanks guys. Shows how much you guys cares. It's almost on the same level as blowing out my lit candle, that was on my huge cupcake, plus sticking your finger in my icing. All while in Disney World. Thanks.

P.S. This is mine.