Lately I find myself day dreaming about what college will be like. I make lists in my head of what I need to get to live in the dorms and then what I might minor in, even major in. I am quite scared for this step I have to take for the rest of this year. I'm scared about the ACT and SAT I have to take on the 1st of April and May. And I am such a procrastinator. I hate doing ACT and SAT preparation. It sucks. 

Photo-communications, photojournalism, graphic-design, and commercial photography. I've been looking into that a lot this week. 

This is what I want to do, and please if you have any suggestions of any other majors and colleges I am definently willing to look into them. 

I want to own my very own studio. I want to do weddings, families, portraits, etc. I guess that's really the commercial photography there, but what worries me is that I'm not very patient to those who I don't know and who will be very particular and picky. Many brides will be like this and what about those bratty kids? I will probably have some type of bribery for those annoying little ones. "Please, just sit there and smile at me. I'll give you a cookie... No? Well then get your butt out of her! Who turns down a cookie!? Your not human." But surely every bride and child don't act like that... right? 

Maybe I can intern somewhere while I am in college to get a taste of what this may be like. 

On the plus side, if your good you can earn a butt load of money. And I love money.

This blog has gotten me nowhere. I still have no idea of what I am interested in.



In respond and proof to Maggie's blog, I love sleep. 

Good night all!



My best friend Aubree and I were playing volleyball in Memoreall park. When all of a soden we heared a srang  cry for help. We looked in the tree there was nothing there so we start playing agin. We heared the sound but onley louder. So we looked in a larg hole there was a little kitten in the larg hole. We decided to inquire my mom and dad if I could ceep it. Thay explained to me that if I did I would half to take very good care of him. I stated "I will even obtain his food"! "So what are you going to call it"? Aubree questioned me. I had to think a little bit. Then I remarked "well he is black and white so I think I'll call him Oreo". Aubree expressed "that's a wonderful name I relley like it". I thanked Aubree for replying that. The next morning I called for oreo he didn't come so I looked all arround the house but I still couldn't find him. My pearents suggested "wy don't you and Aubree develop flyers" I spoke to Aubree to see if wanted to help. Aubree stated "sure I will what did you think I wouldn't." The next morning an old lady came and nicked on the door she had Oreo. She questioned "is this the kitten you wear looking for"? I said in excitement "yes"! She gave me her phone number if he ever went there again. Then next morning he was not there again. I called her and she did have Oreo again. She came back again and gave him back. I inquired "do you have aney cat's?" She remarked "yes indead i do". I requested "may I see her?" She replyed "yes you may". I followed her to her home. Her cat was almost like Oreo. I expressed "your cat is my kitten's mother"! "Well emagine that I would of never guessed" the old lady explained. "You can have Oreo if you want" I offered. She replied "no you ceep him." "Thank you" I stated. And Oreo never went there again when he was a grone cat. 

(Aubree and I always talked like this. And Aubree always agreed with whatever I said. NOT!)

One frosty morning I woke up and slowly got ready for school. I went to my mom to inquire if I could have a horse. She replied, "Maybe." I went to school and I looked around for my best friend Aubree. When I found her I inquired, "Guess what my mom replied when I asked her if I could have a horse"? Aubree replied, "Yes! No." I corrected, "She replied maybe". Aubree asked me if she could come over, and I replied "Sure." I came home and went to my room, to do my homework. When I was finished my mom came in. She asked me if she replied yes what kind of horse would I want? "A monster horse" I blurted. A monster horse is a horse that is a good horse to ride. Then she replied., "Well I'm going to do some errands, Ok". Then she left. 5 more min. since my mom left, Aubree came knoking on the door. We played Clue, and Monopoly. Then we watced "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" while we ate some popcorn. When my mom came home she had a big grin on her face and she stated, "Come and see what I brought home!" then Aubree and I sprinted to the car in excitement. We saw a brand new trailer with a beautiful brown monster horse. Aubree unpatiently stated "What are you going to name it!" I replied "Buck!" Aubree and I let Buck race around in his new pasture. Then we put the saddle and reign on him and we took turns riding him around the pasture. I t was time for Aubree to go home, so I stated, "Bye Aubree." She left, and told me thanks for letting her ride Buck and come over. I rode Buck a little more then I put him in his stable. I went to my room and got into bed, and thought "That it was a serprising day!"

(When I pictured a monster horse I put together a monster truck and a horse...) 

One day at school dering lunch, I was talking to my friend Aubree. When we sat down Aubree started to eat her hamberger, I just stared at mine. Aubree inquired, "Whats the mader"? I told her that I think my hamberger just moved! We sat there staring at my hamberger with our mouths wide open. It kept on moving, intel it stated, "Don't eat me! Don't eat me"! I told Aubree that I think my hambergers alive! I picked up the hamberger and it started to squrm around. I gave it a tap on the top and it told me to put him down and that, that hert. I replied, "Sory." I put the hamberger back on the tray. Then to beedy, black eye's poped out of it. Aubree told me to ask him whats his name is, and I did. The hamberger replied, "My name is nowy. Whats yours and your friends name"? I replied to Snowy are names, "Aubree is my friend and mine is Kaitlyn." Aubree looked at her hamberger it started to move to. She taped me on the sholder and whispered, "Mines alive to." Aubree inquired the same questioned to hers, "Whats your name"? It replied "Coco" while he replied that two beedy, black eyes poped out. Then Coco yelled, "Don't eat me! Don't eat me"! I whispered to Aubree that on the count of three we'll lift up the top of the buns to look and see whats under it. "One" I started, "Two" Aubree replied smiling, "Three" we blurrted together. We lifted up the top bun and two tiny hamsters were under them. We could see wy they were called Snowy and Coco, because Snowy was white and Coco was brown. When school was out we asked our parents if we could keep the two hamsters. They told us it would take alot of responsibility to care for them. We replied, "We know". Our parents then stated, "Yes"! Aubree and I went to the pet shop and got them a gage, food, and some chew toy's. I thout to myself, "That was an unusual day"!

(I didn't know that hamsters needed chew toys?)

I think to myself a lot to conclude my stories, and Aubree never got to keep the animals, it was always me. I'm very sorry Aubree that I was so selfish in my fourth grade year.

Anyways, I don't know if you guys have enjoyed this as I have, but I hope that you did.

P.S. If you know any little kid who inquires and obtains things as I do I would like to meet them.



So, I have actually been thinking seriously about taking those karate classes because I met my mothers co-worker who does it. She's a cage fighter, haha. She went just a couple of Saturday's ago for her black belt test and passed. You wouldn't expect it from her. And hey, it's self defense too. Anybody want to try it with me?

Can you see me doing it? Haha.

Story time!

So I was going through some old things and I found some old stories that I wrote in the fourth grade for TAAS practice. 

Nothing has been edited. The spelling is the same and everything.

One bright sunny evening Aubree andd I were walking home from school when we noticed a tow-story castle. I explained to Aubree that the castle hasn't ben there befor so we decided to go in. We walked in the gat and noticed there was a beautiful garden in side. The person who lived their was a wonderful gardener. We wounderd around the castle there was wild animals running around it was like a zoo. Then they all disapeared. We bolth looked at each other and wounderd what had hapen to the animals. We looked throue a window to see what was in side. In side was a elderly man with a long, long beard as-white as snow and had a long woden spoon stering somthing. We decided to go knock on the door. He came and opened the door and greeted us in and offered us a cookie. The cookies were warm and delishs. We rewuested if we could have the resoupy(?) but he replied no. I asked him how did his castle get here. He started "well.... it all started when I was a little boy when I started working for some mony I woked so hard I collected $100.00 per week. When I was finnished working a wizzard came to me and gave me 3 wishes. The first wish I made is that I wanted to live for ever, 2nd I wanted to have a casle with a garden with wild animals running in it, 3rd I wannted to be a wizzard just like him. But he stated you have to stay in your area for as long as you live and he granted all of them. And I havent stept foot out of my area. Thats wy it's here. "No" I blurted. "It hasn't been here be for now wy is it here now" Aubree yelled. "I'll tell you tomorow" he minnshined we went home and the catle was never there agian. 

(Because we would walk home and walk into a random castle we saw.)

One thing I enjoy about school is recess becaus my friends and I can guff around and play games. Sometimes we play marco-polo on the jungle jem, and sometimes we play freez tag. Another thing is reading becaus when you finish a book you take a test and get points. Then some day latter we go to the libary and buy prizzes with the points. P.E. is another thing I enjoy becaus we lern more things about basketball, and we do funraisers like selling candles, thats always fun. This is one thing I do not like about school is that we have to do work like soc. studies tests and taas becaus your hand starts to ache and sometimes you get a head-ache and its hard to consentrate on the work that your working on. Another thing is that in the summer school starts up again and you don't get to sleep in any more. Another thing I don't enjoy is when we have to do wrighting! We wright a front and back page of the prompt wear wrighting about like narrative, how to, classificatory, persadesive, and discreptive. When we fenish the next day Ms. Wright reads it to the hole class and you feel embarrest. Thats what I like and dislike about school. 

(I have a feeling I was trying to get a point across to the teacher, who was apparently Mrs. Wright, that I did not like what we did in her class.)

One bright, warm Monday morning I went to the kicken to eat my breackfast. Everybody was there but they warn't eating, they were all looking at a letter. "Who's the letter for" I asked? I expected an ancer but nobody replied anything they just sat there like they couldn't hear me. I inguied the same question but my mother only handed me the letter, "I want you to read it" my mother replied. I coldn't beleve my eye's! I was invited to a school that teached magic. The school was called the Magicail Worlds Elementry. I begged my mother and fother if I could go but they replied thay'll have to think about it. When I got to school I asked my friends if they got a letter too but they replied they don't check thire mail in the mroning. After school I requested the same question over and over again in tell thay gave me an ancer. They smiled and nodded yes! Then my father suggested, "How bout we go right now to get your supplies, Would that work for you"? "Yes" I blurted! Then we went to the store caled Wizzards and Wiches Supplies. It had every thing we needed like a woand, different easy spell books like Magic of History, and Dark Arts of Magic. After we got every thing we needed we left to go to drop me of at Magicail Worlds Elementry. When I got there, I hered a strang voice. I looked to my left, nobody was there. I looked to my right, still nobody was there, then I looked down there was a small man standing next to me and he stated, "Follow me if this is your firt year." I folllowed him to a tall, gray castle. On top of the door was a bord with sillver glowing wrighting on it that greeted us in. It stated Magical World Elementry. "Finally" I expressed, "Wear here"! We went in and setteld in our cabins. Then I thoute to my self,  "That was the best day I have ever had!"

(J.K. Rowling copied my idea.)

One frosty morning my mother woke me up at 9:30. She told me to clean my room. I glanced at the clock and replied "But it's 9:30 in the morning." She told me that we had gests coming and wanted my room to be spotless. She left my room so I could start cleaning. I made my bed, and then started to clean my closet. When I obtained one of my corners cleaned, I noticed an old wooden box in the corner. I carfuly took it to my bed. Ten when I was fixing to open the box somthing taped on my window. I went to my window and thear a snowy white dove at it and it had an old map in its mouth. I opened the window and it flew in and droped the map on the box and then flew out. I closed the window, and suspishesly whached it fly away. I wounderd "Wy was that box that I've never seen befor in my closet? Wy did that dove have a map and drop it on the box"? When the dove was out of site I went back to my bed and opened the box. Insid the box was a gold shiny key. Then I unfolded the map to the house  with a seckret door on it. Then I heard foot steps, I knew it was my mom comming to see if I was done. I shoved the box and map under my bed. Then the door opened just as I finished shoveing the box and map under the bed. Then my mom asked "Are you done"? I replied "No." She told me that the gests will be hear in an hour, and then left. I took out the box and map again. The map led me to the corner were I found the box. I looked at the wall and there was a rusty old door. I put the key in the key hole and turned the doornob. Then I had to push and it didn't open. I pushed harder and the door swung open. I looked in and there was an old trunk. I took the key and put it in the key hole and I pushed it open. Thear was gold in it and I yelled to my mom "Come hear"! She came running in to the closet and she gasped and requested "How did you find this"? Then I told her the hole story. 

(Such a great imagination, haha, and I love the repetition.)

I am so creative. Those were just my favorite.