Burn Blog!

There are three extremely annoying people on this wonderful planet of ours, happen to walk the streets of little hole in the ground. 

Note: Names have been tweaked for the protection of these people. We don't want them raising the percentage of suicides in one day.

1. This kid is my number one annoyance. His name might as well be "I hate my life so why should you enjoy yours?" Really I just want to throw up all over him. I have no patience* for him. This is what I see when he walks in: 

2. His name is Douche. He needs to learn how to walk all over again. And Douche needs to buy three sizes bigger from the x-small. I just want to show you what he looked like the other day. He thought he was cool.

3. Is Mrs. Smiley. Today was the first time I saw you frown. It took that much? P.S. You suck at sports and you make baby's cry.

The end.


Smart Cookie

I meant mustache. She had a mustache, not a beard. Haha, I just read it over again and finally caught that. I'm surprised Melany didn't catch that.

January 25: Tet Eve (Vietnamese New Year's Eve)

So yesterday happened... It was great. I soaked up the fumes of this black JUMBO Sharpie marker while at work from 10 to 4. It took me that long to decorate seven large, bright, poster board letters. And you know what the letters are? C, U, S, O, L, P, and O.  Anyone got a guess as to what that spells? I couldn't figure it out. I had to text Tammy because it was driving me crazy. 

Oh, I had an intriguing experience there too. Two older women had walked in about 25 minutes after I had opened up the store and that was great, you know. Two older ladies out for a stroll and decide they need some neat little gadgets, like a pickle fork or a cabbage knife. Well as they were soaking up the scent of the coffee beans, I was just wandering around looking for misplaced items and rearranging some, I had no earthly idea that one of the ladies was soiling the nice aromas there. As I walked by one there was this horrible odor. I had no idea where it might be coming from. I was all prepared to break out the cleaning bucket, but then... (that's a dramatic pause, by the way) I took a good look at the older lady... or maybe she was secretly a man, because it sure looked like it, she had on black sweat pants on with brown stains all over them, a plaid shirt that she couldn't button up with the corresponding button holes so her belly was hanging over, with a gray, zip up hoodie (which if she would have zipped it up would have done everybody a benefit for the greater good) on top. SICK! But please, that's not the last of it. She was the horrible smell. She smelled as if she had peed all over herself. Seriously. I hurriedly tried to pass her but she just had to tell me some fact that I had no care for. She pulled a metal spoon off the shelf that has one of the rubber-maid grips on it and is pointing at the little grips on the sides telling me how germs, food, and other stuff can get stuck in there and you can never get it out, but one day she took her pocket knife and cut the thing off so there is a nice metal handle now. WHO CARE!? YOU SMELL! AND NOW THAT I CAN ACTUALLY LOOK YOU IN THE FACE YOU HAVE A FEAKIN' BEARD! What kind of woman would do that to herself? And yet she was still married too. They stayed for an hour and then finally left. And what was very cute but yet sad too is that this couple came in carrying a toddler and he sniffed around when he walked in and then looked at his daddy and wrinkled his nose then asked, "Daddy... what's that 'mell?" Needless to say as soon as I had the place to myself again I went and grabbed the lysol air freshener and sprayed the place down.

I shall probably start homework now so that I can go to the gym later. Ciao! 


Energy Supplements are the Greatest

I feel like doing yoga. Haha.


I have an enormous amount of homework tonight, and my mom just dumped a load of crap on my floor.  And she will not let me work on it until my until I clean it up! I'm very tempted to just go hide it in Lacey's closet for the time being. I have to read five chapters in a book tonight or I will fail the quiz. And then she'll ground me. DOES SHE HAVE ANY IDEA ON HOW SLOW OF A READER I AM!? 

  1. Read The Jungle
  2. Study for Algebra Test tomorrow
  3. Finish English Short Answers 
  4. Finish History from Friday
  5. Do the Math UIL Test
  6. Talk to Dad about the EBAA Logo for Yearbook
  7. Get the Lab Results from another group and answer the questions

I'm pissed.


The Reason

Hello. My name is Kaitlyn and I'm going to try my best to write once a week. Who knows how well this will work, but any who, let's get on with life. 

I have no idea what I would like to do when I "grow up." It has gone from anywhere from being a photographer, forensic scientist, or to a audio pathologist. Which is the backbone for my title "The Kismet of Kaitlyn!" As you may or may not know, kismet means fate, and I have no idea where I would like to go or what I would like to do. I know that at some point in time I would like to own my own business making a pretty decent amount of money. 

Well, I need to finish my homework and do my SAT practice. Which I am very proud of myself for already finishing the assigned chapters of The Jungle before one a.m. of the day it is to be read by. Now for the easiest of the homework.